HC Uganda

Healthy Child Uganda

Improving maternal, newborn and child health in Uganda.
Photo by Ilia Horsburgh
HC Uganda

Promoting Healthy Communities

Empowering communities through education and development.
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HC Uganda

Health System Strengthening

Equipping health leaders with skills and tools to provide quality services.
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HC Uganda

Supporting Village Health Teams

Training and equipping local male and female volunteers as village health promoters.
HC Uganda

Measuring Success

Research and evaluation to uncover and demonstrate best practices.
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HC Uganda

Engaging Local Leaders

Encouraging sustainability through local ownership and planning.
Photo by Ilia Horsburgh
HC Uganda

Strengthening Health Facilities

Working with health care professionals to improve quality of care for mothers and children.
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Healthy Children. Healthy Mothers. Bright Futures.

  A partnership working to improve the lives of mothers and children in Uganda.

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