HC Uganda

Healthy Child Uganda

Improving maternal, newborn, and young people health in Uganda.
Photo by Ilia Horsburgh
HC Uganda

Promoting Healthy Communities

Empowering communities through education and development.
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HC Uganda

Health System Strengthening

Equipping health leaders with skills and tools to provide quality services.
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HC Uganda

Supporting Village Health Teams

Training and equipping local male and female volunteers as village health promoters.
HC Uganda

Measuring Success

Researching and evaluating to uncover and demonstrate best practices.
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HC Uganda

Engaging Local Leaders

Encouraging sustainability through local ownership and planning.
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HC Uganda

Strengthening Health Facilities

Working with health care professionals to improve quality of care for mothers, children, and young people.
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Healthy Children. Vibrant Young People. Bright Lives.

  Healthy Child Uganda is a partnership working to improve the lives of mothers, children, and young people in Uganda.

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